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SanDisk’s microSD card offers 13 years of continuous usage

MicroSD cards can be used in a variety of situations – whether it be climbing Mount Everest or playing Nintendo Switch. Because of the wide range of usage areas for the small storage cards, companies have researched and developed cards that meet the different needs of costumers. Some cards are made to be fast, working in cold temperatures or to be able to store vast amounts of data. Now SanDisk has released a card that is designed to last for 120,000 hours, or 13 years, of continuous usage.

SanDisk's new microSD is called “MAX ENDURANCE” and is designed to be used in either home security cameras or in a dash cam. SanDisk themselves says that the card will give their costumers “continuous peace of mind for years to come”, due to the the being ‘engineered… for continuous recording and re-recording.'

Image credit: SanDisk

However, endurance isn't the only feature of the small storage card from SanDisk. It's designed to be waterproof, shockproof, and X-ray proof, so this MicroSD looks sets to overcome any hurdles that might come its way. The card is available in 32GB capacities, all the way up to 256GB, with the price tag starting at £12.99 for the smallest card and going up to £101.99 for the biggest card.

Speed wise the cards have a sequential read performance that goes up to 100MB/s and a sequential write performance that goes up to 40MB/s. The cards are shipped with an impressive 15-year limited warranty.

KitGuru says: What are your thoughts of the new microSD card from SanDisk? Could you find a usage for the card in the next 13 years to come? 

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