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GTX560 launch date set by nVidia

One of KitGuru's spies saw what she believed to be half a dozen nVidia folk, staggering around at midnight on New Year's Eve, kissing strangers and wishing them ‘a good un'. Followinng close in behind, as the peak of the schnapps-fuelled party wore off, conversation seemed to turn to work. Having woken up in a field, our spy has only just made it back to civilization and a phone line. This is what we've heard.

As far as we can tell, her dignity was intact. Also her memory (partially). Nice.

The actual evening seems to have come back in waves, incomplete, with large parts missing.

This is what we have managed to piece together.

Early evening started with suspicious looks at glasses with schnapps that was far too red for the party-maker's liking. We've protected the model's identity with a postbox.

One schnapps too many and the graphics folks were happy to lie down and watch the fireworks.

Artist's impression of fireworks across a bay, viewed in glorious Fermi-HD by schnapps-enabled mBibia gurus

While some of the major corporations WILL get a chance to see GTX560 behind closed doors – it won't be on the show floor itself.

Not ready. Not yet. Too many GTX460 cards being sold at FULL PRICE.


So, after all that, what was the date revealed?

nVidia GTX560 will launch on 25th January 2011.

There is an important follow up story about GTX460 that we will reveal shortly.

For now, if you'd like a MASSIVELY more powerful mid-range card from nVidia, for less than £200, then you need to wait about 3 weeks.

From what we've heard, you'll be glad you did!

KitGuru says: Unless you're gagging for a new card today – hang on for 3 weeks and we're sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Comments below, dear schnapps lovers!

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  1. If its half as good as the 460’s it will be mega. !

  2. Bring it on. GTX580 is the king of FPS at all cost but GTX560 will be king of FPS/$.

  3. Roger
    January 2, 2011
    #1 VA:R_U [1.9.6_1107]
    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)If its half as good as the 460′s it will be mega. !

    no you mean twice as good

  4. Yes but is it the gtx 560 that they will be releasing,or the gtx 560m.MSI has stated that their gt780 laptop will be available with the not yet released gtx560m.:)

  5. no gtx560 until now