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Samsung smashes profits target – a lot

While Blackberry and Nokia flounder on the rocks, the good ship Samsung has installed turbo-charged-nutter-rocket engines and is ploughing a serious furrow through the treacherous seas of modern business. KitGuru dons a blue and white had and swabs the deck.

While Apple announced that it had shipped more than 35 million clever phones in the first quarter of 2012, mighty Samsung managed to push out more than 93 million units.

That’s one mobile phone for every mile that the Earth is from the sun. Nice.

Nokia is in the number 2 position [Phew, what a smell – Ed] at just over 82 million handsets for Q1 – a full 10 million victims less than Samsung.

Security and analyst firms are saying that only a stellar/mega launch on iPhone 5 has any chance of denting Samsung’s progress – otherwise the Samsung Galaxy III s will be the killer phone (in terms of pure sales revenue boost) for 2012. This new phone is widely expected on 3rd May.

Roll the clock back 5 years and tell folks that the clever phone business of 2012 would be a 2-horse race and they might have believed you. Tell them that the 2 horses would be Apple and Samsung and they might have laughed, saying neigh.

There is a tiny British success story buried in the heart of the new Samsung Galaxy III s, and that’s a Exynos 4 Quad processor from UK BBC-micro-remnant, ARM.

The choice for clever phone users is Samsung or Apple. Black or white. Simples really.

KitGuru says: It’s good for Samsung shareholders that the company is able to deliver such amazing profits performance in the phone market, because – for sure – the Samsung memory business is all about making billions of chips and no cash whatsoever.

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