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Sapphire Pure Platinum Z77K Motherboard Review

Rating: 8.0.

Kitguru has reviewed a handful of Z77 motherboards in previous weeks, and today we take a look at the new Pure Platinum Z77K from Sapphire. They face stiff competition in this sector from the likes of Asus, ASRock and MSI. But is the Pure Platinum Z77K worth a purchase?

Over the last year we have watched Sapphire make a serious effort to win the hearts and minds of the enthusiast audience, not only with a range of graphics cards, but with a steady release of motherboards.

We have reviewed their Pure Black Z79N, the Pure Black 990FX and the Pure Platinum Z68 in the last year. I am actually typing this review from a system I built in January last year using the Pure Black X58 attached to three screens.

Many people will dismiss Sapphire as a ‘new player’ to the motherboard market however in 2010 the eVGA mainboard team joined their ranks and have been working hard to create a series of world class products since then. Their motherboards have certainly proven extremely reliable over the years, however I will be the first to say that their bios configurations have needed some work.

Today we aim to test the Platinum Z77K in a variety of synthetic and real world tests and we will also overclock it to see if it can compete with other Z77 motherboards from ASUS and ASRock.

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  • Fat bloke with beard

    Nice review thank you. Seems their bioses are getting better when overclocking by the layout. Didnt know they nicked EVGA engineers !

  • Joseph

    I think they make good products, but and its a big but. their allegance with AMD rules out SLI and this puts a lot of people off. Its a major hurdle for them.

  • Davy

    The first bios they released was dire, I remember it. this is a big step up. Still some way to go before they reach ASUS level, DIGI POWER+ menu alone is incredible and they have dedicated controls for vdroop etc.

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