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Clevo preps nVidia GTX SLi notebook

With a global drought on GTX 470/480 graphic cards for desktop systems, Clevo has had to pay top dollar in order to get a handful of special nVidia chips ready for a new top end gaming notebook.

This bulk purchase of GPUs begs a second question, if the desktop cards draw up to 300w each, how can anyone make a laptop solution with two of them?   The answer lies in some very special cherry-picking that has taken place at TSMC. Rather than testing to see which GPUs can be clocked to ever higher frequencies, nVidia has been tasked to find GTX modules that can be down-clocked to a miniscule 100 watts each.

Likely to be combined with  an Intel Core i7 720QM processor that pulls 45w, the external power brick is going to be very useful for mobile gamers who suffer from cold toes in the winter. If you're lucky, then the final weight of this mobile monster is going to be around 5Kg. Expect samples to be shown off at Computex, in the first week of June.

KitGuru says: It's sad to say, but we're gagging for a go on this new notebook. The real question is “Will such a downclocked pair of GPUs be able to beat the 5870 units shipping in the highend Asus units?”

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