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Kitguru Lite presents the Alienware M18x with Extreme Edition

At Kitguru we know a portion of our audience won’t want to read 30-40 page reviews on the latest technology. With this in mind we are starting a new series of videos which demystify all the tech talk and lay out the cold hard facts. Kitguru Lite is tech without the full fat cream on top.

Nothing has been more exciting than our latest review of the stunning Alienware M18X gaming laptop and for those who missed it, check out our video below. Is this one of the sexiest machines on the market right now? You bet your perky little ass it is.

When we reviewed the M18x we tested the latest, high end configuration with the flagship Intel Core i7 2960XM Extreme Edition processor – ensuring the overall performance was eye poppingly good. As fast as a desktop Intel Core i7 2600k? Surely not?

Kitguru says: Has this tempted you to use the credit card? Be sure to check out the full review over here before parting with your cash.

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  • Davy

    Its a beautiful looking machine, but it did cost more than my car last year.

  • Raymond T.

    The Intel extreme edition CPU is amazing, but it adds almost 1k to the price I noticed on the system builder. I guess if you want the power its great, but its mega money

  • Uriel

    Wow, nicely done. Almost made me want to part with 3 grand, then I concerned my wife would hang me by the vertical blinds.

  • Destiny

    Dream machine, out of my price range, but it looks like a ferrari in some of those shots. worth it to the mad gamer 🙂