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Alienware Orion Messenger Laptop Bag Review

Rating: 8.0.

When we were at Insomnia 40 last weekend we came across the Alienbags stand, who were displaying a selection of Alienware-branded laptop bags.  Well we managed to talk them into letting us have a sample of the Orion Messenger bag from their stand for review.

As we mentioned in our Insomnia 40 article, Alienbags aren’t actually produced by Alienware (or Dell) themselves and are actually produced by Mobile Edge, the same company that brought us the 13″ and 17″ Macbook sleeves that we reviewed recently under license.

Their range of laptop bags is designed with Alienware’s range of laptops in mind.  Today we’re going to look at the Orion Messenger bag which is more than roomy enough for one of Alienware’s mammoth M17X laptops or any other 17″ laptop on the market.


Features Zippered, Wireless Security Shield Pocket, Inside pocket, Padded shoulder strap
Dimensions (HxWxD) 33 x 42.1 x 19.1 cm
Notebook Compatibility Dimensions (HxWxD) 29.2 x 41.9 x 5.1 cm
Notebook Compatibility 17.3″
Material 840D Nylon
Colour Black

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  • Tim

    Thats rather expensive for what you get, looks good however, but not sure its worth the money.

  • Steve

    Expensive but looks like it would last a long time

  • Ryan

    looks fantastic, but £100 for a laptop bag? might be ok if you bought an alienware for 2k, but well over the odds for a bag.

  • Ryan

    High quality material, very thick looking and could hold a lot of bits n pieces. the price puts me off. thats more than I paid for my graphics card

  • Tech Head

    No need for two posts Ryan 😉 You always get what you pay for. well normally with these items anyway as they use higher quality materials.

  • Sams The Man

    Good review Henry, bit stunned at how expensive this is for a case tho. Ive seen good ones in PCWORLD for half this price.

  • Trev Mang

    Nice looking series of bags from these people. I would prefer it in pure leather though for this price.

  • Mandie

    Fantasic bags! I can vouch for them, we have two in our family and they look great and are extremely functional!

  • Jane

    I have recently come across some fantastic laptop bags while on the hunt to find one for my daughter who went off to boarding school in September. She wanted one that was trendy but I wanted her to have one that was sturdy and protected her laptop but without a ridiculous pricetag. In the end, we found a solution down the middle when I came across Oliepops. They sell cool and colourful laptop bags without the crippling prices. In the end we found Laura one for just £24.99 that we both agree on!

  • David

    I have an Alienware m17x, and this bag it’s great, before spending the amount of money it cost me, I did spend like 50 dollars buying other 17 inches bags, but they were not ment for 5.8 kilograms of weight from the laptop. This bag is specialy design for alienware laptops overall. If you care about your expensive gamer laptop you wouldn’t mind to spend a liitle more bying the right but expensice case.