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eVGA GTX 460 1GB Superclocked SLI review

Rating: 9.0.

The GTX 460 has been nVidia’s finest card series in the current generation and the popularity is proving to help generate a good amount of revenue for the guys in green. Compared to other Fermi cards the GTX 460 uses less power, runs cooler and overclocks extremely well, even with plain air cooling.

With such overclocking potential, the market has been saturated with overclocked editions and today we put two of these to the test in an SLI feature. eVGA have released an ‘SC’ (SuperClocked) Edition which increases the reference design speeds by 13%.

The eVGA GTX 460 1GB SuperClocked is sold with core speeds at 763mhz and memory speeds at 950mhz (reference is 675mhz/900mhz).

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  • Trev Mang

    Great review again Zardon, only question I have is, why buy one of these for £180 when the reference model is 146 ? I bet the reference model overclocks great


  • Tech Head

    eVGA make quality cards, always have. This seems no different and I agree I like the design idea, keeping it black and plain. The point about the cooler is good, I love the funky coolers on some cards but all that heat gets kept inside the case.

  • Trev. thats a 768MB model, not the 1GB model we reviewed today. Also a word of note, just after we went live with this, SCAN dropped the price of this card by another £17 to £163 ! follow the link in the conclusion.

  • Stefan

    Its good to see Nvidia competitive, even if its only in this sector right now. Any updates on the GTX450 Z ?

  • Terry

    So the price has dropped from 360 for two to 325 now ! wicked.

  • Gart

    I dont care what you say, the HD5850 is the better card, its faster, looks better and its got better drivers.

  • Joe

    Eh? ‘It looks better’ WTF are you smoking There Gart? Good article and its interesting to see the power consumption, fairly reasonable considering the performance levels.

  • Roger

    eVGA FTW. nice to see an SLI review for a change. id love this setup myself, but I recently bought a HD5770 and I need to make it last until I can pay off my college loan 🙁 Ah well maybe when im ready new ATI cards will be out !)

  • Tim

    Does no one else get the reason why the nvidia cards are all dropping in price? Nvidia KNOW ATI have a new range about to hit in a few months, so its panic clearance time !

  • Lick my love pump

    Hard to believe how small these are when compared to a GTX480 in physical size. The GTX460 is unfortunately 2 months too late. I know ALOT OF PEOPLE who arent buying them, even though they are great cause ATI have a new range launching end of this year or before.

  • Serge

    excellent, im quite impressed with the SLI scaling in some games.

  • Brad Delpha

    Thank you for the article, very good to read and well written. These are very good graphics cards and I need to get myself a 460 soon.

  • Lu Van Gord

    Very few 460 SLI reviews online . those 3dmark vantage scores are stunning but look at the CPu score for the 970 ! christ. I want that lol

  • Bored stupid

    460 is a great card and sl i looks to be in line with gtx480.

  • Fat pizza lover

    God sake this captha system drives me nuts !!!!!

    Anyway, I love the 460, I bought a reference one a few weeks ago and I love it. Nice to see some taxing engines used and not all tests at 2560 res

  • Hank

    enjoyed this article – those 460s are really good for the price. especially with all the reductions lately. nvidia are pratically giving them away

  • Karl

    i love the design, very classy looking cards. its like the complete opposite of zotac with purple dragons and fireballs galore.

  • Steve

    at this price point its hard to knock em down. nvidia must not be making a lot of cash at the current list prices though

  • Juvie

    for god sake you need to sort out this captcha crap security garbage on this site.

    As for the review i thought it covered most of the ground. shows the differences with two and the scaling is pretty good. temps and noise are excellent. I dont see why anyone would want a 480 gtx now.

  • Rammstein

    480gtx is dead, no one ever wanted it anyway, apart from the hardcore guys who want two to break records. far too much power sucked in fpr my tastes

  • suck it

    this makes sense for many people. only problem is that its killing the rest of their range. no one wants the other cards.

  • Al K. Hall

    I have a pair of eVGA GTX460 SC EE in SLI; 860/2100/1720 @ .975V. Ran them up to 910/2250/1820 @ 1.025V.

    Really nice cards!

  • BluSki

    Hi Zardon
    am really happy wit the way Kit guru has grown into a great site for tech info freaks like us, tho it would be nice if the bar graphs included comparison with other cards like the 5970 or a gtx 480 to show how well the SLI is scaling in comparison to those cards as opposed to cards which we know it will outperform in SLI

  • Hi BluSki, thanks for the kind words. I agree, however in the case of this specific review we built a new system so we couldnt slot in results of 480 and 5970 from the past – it would’nt have been accurate. We don’t have a 480 GTX handy right now apart from XFX 5970 card costing over £900 in the UK. Hopefully it was still a useful review in some way!

  • BluSki

    hey Zardon
    it was definitely useful
    now if only somone would make 2 of these on one board then we would have a killer card on hands( saw a review some where where it took on a 5970)