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MSI WS63 7RK Mobile Workstation (Nvidia Quadro P3000 6GB)

CINEBENCH 15 is a cross-platform testing suite that measures hardware performance and is the de facto standard benchmarking tool for leading companies and trade journals for conducting real-world hardware performance tests. With Release 15, systems with up to 256 threads can be tested.

CINEBENCH is available for both Windows and OS X and is used by almost all hardware manufacturers and trade journals for comparing CPUs and graphics cards.

The CPU rendering portion of Maxon Cinebench R15 shows that the WS63 7RK's quad-core is quite a way behind the 5GHz Intel Core i7 7700K quad core in our desktop reference workstation. However, it's also not an embarrassing result, and most professionals will only be doing the odd test render on a notebook, transferring their work to a meatier desktop or render farm for final output. For this scenario, the WS63 7RK will be just fine.

The Cinebench OpenGL results also look a bit disappointing, but this test is very sensitive to clock speed, and our desktop reference's 5GHz processor and NVIDIA Quadro P4000 graphics give it a real edge. A score over 100 is a very acceptable result for a notebook, nevertheless.

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