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Dell is selling the first wireless charging laptop but the convenience will cost you

This year, it looks like Dell is planning on trading in the traditional laptop power brick and replacing it with wireless charging. Dell has just launched its latest 2-in-1, the Latitude 7000 series, the first laptop in the world to utilise wireless charging. The downside is, it will cost quite a bit extra.

There are two of these laptops on the way. The first is a 13-inch version of the Latitude 7000, which will be a full 2-in-1 package, featuring the tablet and detachable base for laptop use. Before that though, we will be getting the Latitude 7285, which does not come with the keyboard by default. Why is this important? Well, the wireless charging tech in use here is built into the keyboard and sold as a ‘wireless charging base’.

Dell is using WiTricity’s magnetic resonance wireless charging technology for the Latitude 7000 series. Unfortunately, those looking to get the Latitude 7285 will need to pay extra for the full 2-in-1 experience. The 12-inch tablet starts at $1,199, but the keyboard add-on with wireless charging built in will cost you $549.99 extra, which is an awful lot for a keyboard dock.

In all, this would bring the ‘full package’ cost of the Latitude 7285 to around $1750. For that, you get a system featuring a 12-inch display, an Intel Core i5-7Y54, 128GB SSD and 8GB of memory.

KitGuru Says: Price wise, the keyboard dock seems like far too much. Wireless charging technology is nice but if it bumps prices up that high, then I don’t see it catching on. How much extra would you pay for wireless charging? 

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