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Google might ditch the Nexus line in favour of ‘Android Silver’

Google is currently rumoured to be working on the Android Silver project, which will change the way the company markets the best Android smartphones. Unfortunately though, it could spell trouble for the Nexus line, which is quite disappointing as Nexus devices have been a hit amongst mobile enthusiasts.

Phones in the Android Silver program would always run the latest version of Android and would feature little to no customisation from handset makers, eliminating skins like Touch Wiz. These phones would be sold at sections of carrier stores purely dedicated to Android Silver devices. Unfortunately though, this doesn't spell good news for the Nexus line, Google will be heavily invested in advertising its new high end Android Silver devices, leaving the Nexus program behind.


However, while we might lose our favourite budget brand of stock Android goodness, this does mean that Google will have tighter control over a whole range of popular devices, similar to the Google Play Editions of some phones. This will also allow Google to crack down on bloatware and ensure timely updates, bringing a more unified experience to Android devices.

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KitGuru Says: This sounds like the Google Play Edition program is opening up and allowing the Nexus experience to on all devices without the need for things like CyonogenMod. Ultimately this will be a good move as it will diminish Android fragmentation and give Google back control of its OS. However, I'll miss the awesomely cheap Nexus devices. What do you guys think of this? Good news or bad?

Source: The Verge

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