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Intel launches new 8th Gen Coffee Lake mobile processors

Intel has officially launched its first six-core Coffee Lake processors for laptops. The new Coffee Lake-H series brings Core i9, Core i7 and Xeon chips to laptops, featuring six cores for the first time on an Intel mobile platform.

Intel has been sticking with quad-core chips for high-end laptops since 2009, so the jump to six cores has been a long time coming. Leo has already reviewed the Gigabyte Aero 15X V8, featuring the Core i7-8750H six core chip. We've also had a sneak preview of the MSI GS65, which will also feature the Core i7-8750H.

Here is the full line up of Coffee Lake-H processors announced today:

CPU Cores/Threads Base/Boost (GHz) Cache (MB) Overclocking
Core i9-8950HK 6/12 2.9/4.8 12 Unlocked
Xeon E-2186M 6/12 2.9/4.8 12 Locked
Xeon E-2176M 6/12 2.7/4.4 12 Locked
Core i7-8850H 6/12 2.6/4.3 9 Partially unlocked
Core i7-8750H 6/12 2.2/4.2 9 Locked
Core i5-8400H 4/8 2.5/4.2 8 Locked
Core i5-8300H 4/8 2.3/4 8  Locked

The whole slate of Coffee Lake-H processors support dual-channel DDR4-2666 memory, the two Xeon chips also have the benefit of supporting ECC memory. Intel is also pushing Optane Memory support to laptops now, allowing laptop OEMs to pair Optane Memory with a secondary drive for speedy  caching.

Intel's maximum 4.8 GHz boost on the Core i9-8950HK is achieved with ‘Intel Velocity Boost', which will boost frequencies higher depending on thermal headroom. With the right cooling set up, Intel is expecting some laptops to hit the 5GHz barrier.

We'll start to see Coffee Lake-H series processors roll out into laptops over the next few months. If you want an idea of what to expect, then you can check out Leo's Gigabyte Aero review, HERE, and our sneak preview of the MSI GS65, HERE.

KitGuru Says: Intel has officially brought its own six-core CPUs to laptops for the first time. That wasn't the only big announcement from today though. We've also seen the the launch of new chipsets and processors for the 8th Gen desktop lineup, with B360, H310 and H370 motherboards finally launching.

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