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Microsoft finally releases USB Type-C adaptor for Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a great little piece of kit, but it has several glaring omissions. The chief of which is the lack of USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 support. Back in 2017, Microsoft said it would be shipping a dongle out to add compatibility, but nothing materialised until now, as this Friday Microsoft will be releasing the Type-C adaptor for Surface Pro.

The adaptor will go on sale this week, though it will cost you a chunk of change, as Arstechnica reports that it will go for $80 in the US. The dongle will need to be connected to the proprietary Surface Connect port that is found on both the Surface Pro and Surface laptop. Microsoft claims that third-party dongles won't work, so Surface owners are essentially locked in to this expensive accessory ecosystem for the time being.

The biggest issue with the connector is the sheer size of it. The Type-C connector is supposed to be a slim connector, but it is housed inside a massive block of plastic, to the point where it almost looks comical. Not the greatest design for a portable piece of hardware.

The adaptor can be used to charge your devices or to connect Type-C peripherals to the Surface, this includes portable displays.

KitGuru Says: It is good that this adaptor is finally being released, but the size of it is ridiculous. The price is quite high too. What do you make of the USB Type-C adaptor for Surface?

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