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A considerably cheaper wave of Ultrabook-like notebooks coming?

With the confirmed delay of Intel’s next-gen Ivy Bridge processors for the mobile segment until June this year and current Sandy Bridge Ultrabooks still fetching rather hefty pricing, Taiwanese based notebook vendors are apparently looking to mix the pot in the interim by preparing for market some “Ultrabook-like” notebooks that will be offered at significantly lower price points.

Intel’s Ultrabook specification automatically equates to exxy notebooks not just because of their slender design, but also due to attributes like expensive metal unibody chassis’, hollow hinges and SSDs. Vendors have a plan to introduce notebooks that would be as compact as your current day Ultrabook with as much power on tap internally, but would come in at much lower price points (speculated to be around US $600 on average) as a result of switching over to a mix of metal and plastic chassis’, 7mm-thick mechanical HDDs etc.

Sources are indicating that we will see this wave of cheaper “Ultrabook-like” offerings hit the market as early as sometime during the second quarter.

KitGuru says: Sounds like a logical move to increase sales margins. No doubt there’s a huge crowd out there who solely want an Ultrabook based on those attractive, slim dimensions but are quickly frightened away by the US $1000+ pricing and don’t have much appreciation or desire for metal and SSDs.

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