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Asus G73 Republic Of Gamers Laptop Review

For as long as I can remember enthusiasts around the world have been keen to see how their systems perform with many commercially available benchmarks from such companies as Futuremark. While these applications are extremely useful to a wide audience sometimes it can be helpful to focus on a ‘real world’ application which many of us use on an almost daily basis.

When I was in charge of DriverHeaven I wrote a scripted benchmark which was not only used to help users ascertain system specific performance levels but was useful in reviews to accurately measure performance in key areas. Leading tech sites such as Madshrimps, Benchmark Reviews and Hardocp used my benchmark in their reviews also.

You can get the KitGuru Photoshop Benchmark 1(4) here. Please note lower times are better as this means less time is taken by the system to process the commands.

KitGuru PS Bench 1(4) Asus g73
1. Texturiser (1) 2.3
2. CMYK 2.1
3. RGB 2.1
4. Ink Outlines 32.8
5. Dust & Stratches 3.6
6. Watercolor 33.1
7. Texturiser (2) 2.3
8. Stained Glass 25.3
9. Mosiac Tiles 16.1
10. Extrude 173.7
11. Rough Pastels 16.8
12. Smart Blur 100.3
13. Underpainting 41.2
14. Mosiac Tiles 17.7
15. Spherize 4.0
16. Palette Knife 28.8
17. Sponge 44.7
18. Smudge Stick 17.5
Total 564.4

The system scored 564.4 seconds which is a great result for a mobile platform, thanks to the Core i7 processor and DDR3 memory. We hope Adobe update their code to fully support more than 2 cores in a future revision.

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