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Asus G73 Republic Of Gamers Laptop Review

Futuremark released 3DMark Vantage, on April 28, 2008. It is a benchmark based upon DirectX 10, and therefore will only run under Windows Vista (Service Pack 1 is stated as a requirement) and Windows 7. This is the first edition where the feature-restricted, free of charge version could not be used any number of times. 1280×1024 resolution was used with performance settings.

The processor scored 10,687 which is noticeably more than the Intel 540QM CPU we looked at inside the Cryo Mercia laptop a few weeks ago – that scored just under 8,000 points.

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  1. Thats a good specification for the price. Seems it arrived in quite a state mind you.

  2. good article, covers a lot of areas which is useful. That cpu seems really good, quite impressed with it.

  3. That is an interesting looking machine. I dont think I really like the appearance from the back, but it look good in the normal, typing position

  4. i really like it, 8gb of DDR3 as standard is pretty over the top ! shame the HDD side is poorly set up.

  5. I love this machine. I really do. makes my dell looks positively pedestrian

  6. Wow this is much better than I thought it would be, they haven’t compromised on anything. although I agree. either Raid 0 the 500GBs or remove one and put in a 40-60GB SSD, put the price up a tiny bit.

  7. The lack of SSD in such a killer machine is a huge oversight. the price is good, but they have dropped the ball with the configuration of the drives. I cant believe one wasnt formatted either.!

  8. Pretty much my perfect laptop. although id prefer a 1200 res screen at this size. gives a bit more deskspace.

  9. Really brilliant, but i prefer a smaller machine with better battery life.

  10. Styling rocks. performance rocks. battery life doesn’t. id change the HD’s out too. 120gb for boot (SSD) and a 1TB for storage. or even two 128 GB SSDS in raid 0. I think this machine might feel a lot slower than it is with the current setup. how did it act in speed Zardon? slow to boot?

  11. needs an SSD, id never use a laptop now without one.

  12. Hi Ted – performance was good, but you always feel a mechanical drive now as slightly sluggish when an OS disk, even for overall responsiveness. It wasn’t slow, but moving from a laptop with one in it, it can feel slow at times. I agree with your points but adding in an SSD would increase the price. unless they went for a 40GB unit as a boot drive.

  13. I also like Asus G73./ It is a good laptop.

  14. I have one, its awesome. Not really a portable laptop though, its too big and the battery life is not enough (just over an hour internet surfing). It is a great desktop replacement if you lack space, which is one of the reasons i went for it. The design is lovely. I liked the angles and exhausts vents before i bought it and its even better in real life. I imported mine from the states and saved about £500, even with the duty paid.