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Lenovo milestone: 60 million Thinkpad notebooks sold

The Thinkpad is a legendary notebook, a big seller in the business sector. The reputation is high and many businessmen swear the reliability is second to none. They have hit a remarkable milestone this week, with 60 million units sold since they were first released.

IBM released the first ThinkPad 18 years ago, in 1992 and were the first company to release a machine with a built in CD ROM drive. They also had the first for built in wireless adoption and a spill resistant keyboard.

In 2000 the first milestone was achieved, over 20 million Thinkpads sold in 8 years. In the following ten years they sold another 40 million bringing the sum total to 60 million units.

Peter Hortensius, senior vice president for Lenovo’s Think Product Group said “With Lenovo, ThinkPad has grown even stronger for quality, reliability and performance, and we’ll continue to drive our commitment to innovation further as we design future ThinkPad laptops.”

They are so proud of this fact that they are launching a promotion – 15 percent off discount on selected Thinkpad models – but you better be quick as the promotion ends on the 8th of October.

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