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MSI X460 Laptop Review (Core i7)

The X460 laptop is another powerhouse mid price machine from MSI. It is a small, perfectly portable chassis with a class leading Core i7 2630QM processor delivering plenty of power for heavy duty tasks such as 3D rendering and video encoding on the move. If you demand a powerful machine but are limited by budget then this is clearly one of the best choices right now.

We like the appearance of the X460. The brushed, machined finish is very attractive and ensures that the laptop looks more expensive than it actually is. The overall design is reasonably well thought out and there are no glaring build quality issues.

Gamers will need to look elsewhere however as the Intel HD 3000 graphics are not geared for the latest Direct X 11 engines. We managed to get most games playable at 720p by reducing the image quality settings considerably, but with onboard Intel graphics there are compromises to be made.

As a media machine it would be a fairly good choice, although the screen is a little dull, and we had to run it at full brightness all the time, often wishing it had a few more levels. Colours are slightly subdued, although you can tweak saturation within the Intel graphics driver software. It is a reasonably reflective screen, although not the worst we have experienced. That said, in sunny outdoor situations, the screen just won’t get bright enough to compensate.

The keyboard is very good, offering a responsive and pleasurable experience although I always have a problem with a single height return key and subsequent misplaced key strokes. The touchpad is also perfectly serviceable, although it isn’t the best on the market either.

Battery life is extremely impressive, and for a power user on the move, this Core i7 machine is a great choice. It would have earned a higher award if the screen was slightly better. That said, for £799 is it a fantastic purchase decision.


  • great price point.
  • Core i7 processor is ideal for really demanding duties.
  • stunning battery life.
  • good keyboard.


  • not ideal for gamers.
  • screen isn’t wonderful.
  • gets warm and rather noisy under extended load.
  • fingerprint magnet.

Kitguru says: For the modest asking price, this is another fine machine from MSI.

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Rating: 8.0.

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