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PCSpecialist Vortex IV 770XS Review

Rating: 8.5.

If you like to game on the move then the PCSpecialist Vortex IV 770XS will be a review you won’t want to miss today. This 17.3 inch system ships with a 1080p matte LED display, 4th generation Intel Core i7 4700MQ processor, 16GB of Kingston Hyper X memory and a dual SSD/HDD drive configuration.

With a bluray drive, Killer 1202 WiFi and Nvidia GTX780M discrete graphics rounding out the hardware specifications, is this the sub £1,500 gaming laptop you need to shortlist?

With a checklist of hardware components like this and our previous experiences with PCSpecialist we have high hopes for this system today.
Vortex IV 770SX Specifications:
Display: 17.3 inch Matte Full HD LED Display (1920×1080)
CPU: 4th Gen Intel Core i7 4700MQ
GPU: 3GB Nvidia GTX 780M
Memory: 16GB Kingston HyperX 1600mhz
SSD: 120GB Kingston HyperX 3k
HDD: 750GB WD Scorpio Black HDD (7,200rpm)
ODD: 4x BluRay ROM/8x DVD-RW Combi
Network: Gigabit LAN/Killer 1202 Wireless/Bluetooth
Features: USB 3.0, 2MP Webcam, 9 in 1 MCR, BackLit Keyboard, DisplayPort
Warranty: 3 year Silver
Price: £1,449 inc VAT & Delivery.

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