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PNY Wireless Charging Base Review

The PNY Wireless Charging Base ships in a simple retail box with the basic specs, some small hazard warnings, the warranty terms and a support number for the USA printed on the outside. There’s also a small note to say that the box does not contain a phone.


Inside the box we found the wireless charging base itself, a micro-USB cable and a fold-out instruction manual.


The charging dock is smaller than a modern ‘plus-sized’ smartphone which makes it quite portable.


The front of the device sports a ring of strips, similar to a buffering symbol, and this indicates where the centre of your phone should be placed when charging. PNY has placed a glossy plastic strip at the top and bottom of the dock which seems to be purely for aesthetic reasons, but more on that later.

On the far edge we find the micro-USB slot which supplies the necessary power to actually charge your phone.


On the bottom of the device we find a tiny LED indicator that has three modes:

  • No light indicates the charger is idle.
  • Blue light flashing at a slow rate indicates normal charge.
  • Blue light flashing at a fast rate indicates a problem with the device or that it detects a foreign object.

This provides an easy way to see if your phone is charging or if you need to re-position it slightly.

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