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PNY Wireless Charging Base Review

We tested the PNY Qi Charger with the iPhone 8+.

After an initial test (see ‘Issues’ below), we decided on a specific test sequence and ran through it three times. Each time the phone was depleted by playing Netflix continuously, then we charged it back up to 100%.

The tests were conducted in a ‘real world’ scenario, with the phone inside a case that is about standard thickness. The phone was switched to flight mode and rebooted each time to minimise the drain from background apps/connections etc.

Given that the PNY Wireless Charging Base outputs 5V/1A when charging a device, it doesn’t charge very fast – as we would expect from a wireless charger. This is simply a limitation of wireless charging as a whole – modern ‘fast chargers’ can deliver far more in terms of output amperage, but wireless chargers offer the added convenience of being able to simply place down or pick up your phone without dealing with any cables.


After testing the device for the first time, a rough calculation told us that we’d hit 70% battery capacity in just over 100 minutes. We set a kitchen timer for 90 minutes and went about our business. When the alarm went off, we returned to find the phone lying next to the charger, with the battery on 5%.

After a brief investigation it seems that, although the phone was in flight mode with no apps running, we’d forgotten about an alarm that caused the phone to vibrate, meaning it slipped sideways off the charging pad.

We reckon this was because of those two glossy plastic strips placed at either end of the dock itself. They’re just quite slippery which results in overall poor ‘grip’ on your phone. Add in some vibration, and it seems that was enough for our phone to fall off the charging base.

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