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Android and iOS have a combined 96.3% share of smartphone market

In some not so surprising news, Android and iOS are still the two most popular platforms on the smartphone market, with 96.3 per cent market share combined, leaving competitors like Windows Phone and even Blackberry with very little left.

This is all according to the latest statistics from IDC, showing that Android and iOS are continuing to snap up the large majority of the market. Android is the leader with 81.5 per cent global market share in 2014, which is up from 78.7 per cent the year before.


On the flip side, Apple held 14.8 per cent of the market throughout 2014 with the iPhone, which is down from the 15.1 per cent it sat at during 2013.

As you can imagine, Blackberry and Windows Phone are having the hardest time. Microsoft's mobile OS accounted for just 2.7 per sent of the market during 2014 while Blackberry holds 0.8 per cent.

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KitGuru Says: Android and iOS continue to dominate the smartphone market, with such a large share of the market that it would be difficult for a competitor to really rise up.

Via: The Inquirer

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