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HMV digital music app pulled from IOS App Store

HMV has had a hard time over the last year, the company went bankrupt and almost closed down completely until Hilco came in and took over the retail chain. Since then, HMV has been working on adjusting to the digital age and it has now done so with the launch of its new website and apps for digital downloads.

While the Android app has launched without a hitch, things are different on Apple's side. Apple has pulled the HMV app from IOS for the time being. Paul Mcgowan, CEO of Hilco tweeted about it saying: “After the first 5,000 downloads of the #hmvapp overnight we get the first rumblings of discontent from Cupertino. Apple have politely asked us to remove the #hmvapp from the AppStore. We have politely declined.”

Now that the app is gone, Mcgowan has released another statement on the matter:

“It is disappointing that Apple has chosen to suspend an app that has proven to be very successful in only a few short days despite Apple having already approved the exact same version on 15th September. We are unable to explain the change in Apple's position as we have been given no explanation by them as to any difference they view between the approved version and the one suspended this evening,”


The problem here lies in the app's payment method. The HMV app takes your money directly from your debit card instead of through an Itunes account, this goes against the App Store's guidelines that requires all apps to make in app purchases through the user's account.

KitGuru Says: Hopefully an updated version of the app comes out soon. It would be a shame for HMV to suffer a set back so soon after bouncing back with its new focus on digital downloads. 

Source- The Inquirer

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