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Pixel 3 XL users hit with ‘second notch’ display bug, Google promises a fix

The smartphone notch trend has always carried some controversy amongst Android fans but that hasn’t stopped most phone makers from picking it up. Even the Google Pixel 3 XL opted for a ‘notch’ display design, but it appears to be causing some issues. This week, some Pixel 3 XL users reported a software bug, causing a second display notch to appear on the side of the screen.

We don’t know exactly what is causing the second notch bug but as Android Police reports, some high profile smartphone reviewers are experiencing it. The second notch appears on the right side of the display and actively blocks some of the image.

The issue apparently goes away after restarting the device or diving into the developer settings. Google is of course aware of the issue and promises a fix ‘soon’. Hopefully we’ll also find out exactly what was causing the bug in the first place.

KitGuru Says: I know a lot of our readers like the Google Pixel but issues do seem to be creeping up more often over the last couple of years. Do any of you have a Pixel 3 XL? Have you experienced this display bug?

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