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Preview video shows off RED’s Hydrogen One titanium smartphone

Back in early July, camera company RED announced that it would be releasing its first smartphone. This isn’t set to be a standard flagship device though, RED’s phone can cost as much as $1500, is built out of titanium or aluminium and features a holographic display alongside a powerful camera module. At the time of announcement, we only got to see one press shot of what the device will look like but today, hands-on footage with a prototype model hit the web.

The smartphone enthusiasts among you have likely heard of Marques Brownlee/MKBHD. He is perhaps the biggest mobile tech reviewer on YouTube, though he covers tech outside of smartphones from time to time. Recently, he managed to get some exclusive hands-on time with the RED Hydrogen prototype, showing off the design the company is going for, alongside a few other aspects of the device.

One of the highlights from this video is the placement of magnetic pins on the back of the phone. These will be used for snap-on add-ons and modifications. It won’t be a fully modular device like Google’s Project Ara was set to be, but this seems like a good compromise.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a look at the 5.7 inch holographic/light field display in action, though it is unlikely we would be able to fully appreciate in video form anyway. Marques did briefly talk about his first impression though, noting that while the display wasn’t perfect, it was impressive technology.

With a $1200 price tag for the aluminium model and a $1500 price tag for the Titanium version, the RED Hydrogen One won’t be for everybody. However, with its rugged build and cutting edge technology on its side, it is set to be one of the most interesting smartphones in years.

KitGuru Says: The RED Hydrogen One is an exciting development for sure. However, I do still have my doubts about a Q1 2018 release date. What do you guys think of the RED Hydrogen One?

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