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RED Hydrogen One Titanium now available, early pre-orderers will get it for free

Last year, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the RED Hydrogen One. The initial pitch included a ‘holographic’ display and even a Titanium body. Over time, various delays set the device back and while an aluminium version did release last year, the Titanium edition was pushed back to Q1 2019. Now, after several extra months of waiting, the Titanium RED Hydrogen One has begun shipping.

The RED Hydrogen One was first announced in 2017, with pre-orders for the aluminium and Titanium versions going live shortly after. The Titanium version was the most expensive, with a $1,595 price tag. As an apology for the delays, RED first offered all Ti pre-orderers the aluminium version. Now that the Titanium version is ready, those early customers will also get that version for free.

The RED Hydrogen One went through its fair share of production issues over the course of 2018. The aluminium version finally began shipping in November, although reviewers weren’t particularly pleased with it. The holographic display didn’t really live up to expectations, although many still commend RED for trying something different and innovative in a market that is often flooded with copycat devices.

KitGuru Says: I remember being very excited for the RED Hydrogen One myself, mostly based off of the idea of the display. Still, the high price tag will have put many off, although I’m sure those Titanium edition pre-orderers are quite pleased right now. 

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