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Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Alpha

Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Alpha smartphone today, just a few days after we reported on the rumors surrounding the device. The phone will finally ditch the plastic build that has plagued the Galaxy line for years, opting for a metal frame instead.

As the rumors suggested, the phone will come equipped with a Samsung made, Exynos 5 Octa-Core 2.5 GHz processor, although quad core editions will be made available in some parts of the world. 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage are also included.


The phone has been configured to support 300 Mbps 4G LTE speeds, although the device is lacking a little on the battery power side, featuring a fairly small 1850 mAh battery. The screen itself isn't anything mind blowing, it's a 4.7 Inch 720p display, presumably the same one that featured on the Galaxy S3.

Much like the Galaxy S5, the Alpha will include some gimmicky features, such as the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor. a 12MP camera can be found on the rear while the front facing camera sits at 2.1MP.

Samsung's Vice President of the IT and Mobile Division, Rob Orr, said: “Built with the consumer in mind, the Galaxy Alpha focuses on both beauty and functionality.”

Combining a stunning metal frame and slim, light weight design with the same powerful hardware and features you'd expect from a flagship Galaxy mobile device, the Galaxy Alpha is perfect for those that want style without compromising on performance.”

There's no word on pricing or availability just yet but rumors are suggesting that it will release around the £500 mark.

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KitGuru Says: So there you have it, the Galaxy Alpha has been announced. If I bought a Galaxy S5 earlier this year I think I'd be a little upset, I'd happily trade the higher resolution screen of the S5 for the Alpha's metal construction. How many of you guys own an S5? What are your thoughts on the Galaxy Alpha? Hopefully this means Samsung's next flagship device will feature similar build quality to the HTC One, it's clear that people are becoming increasingly unhappy with the Korean company's “high end” plastic devices. 

Source: The Inquirer 

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  1. I have an s5. The plastic case doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a sturdy build. Does metal cool better than plastic? Aside from cooling, I wouldn’t see an advantage. I personally am not impressed with the alpha, especially if costs £500. I am hoping to not upgrade again until someone makes an affordable phone with 3-4 GB of RAM and a revolutionary processor. What’s up with only 2GB of ram?

  2. Why would you need more than 2GB RAM in smartphone anyway? Angry birds or to run Android without hiccups?

  3. I agree and considering the battery power is shockingly low too along with the display. I don’t see the point in upgrading from my S4 yet.

  4. Because that’s how technology works, things get faster, more powerful and more demanding. Having more memory in smartphones and better processors is the next big thing. More features like being able to game in full HD? or Using it inside of a Computer which seems to be becoming the norm.