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Samsung to force 60% battery cap for exploding Note 7s

Samsung is currently in the pr0cess of recalling the Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries but in the meantime, there will be some defective units still floating around. In order to try and prevent anymore major accidents from happening, Samsung is pushing out a software update to affected units that will cap the battery at a 60 percent limit.

The ‘quick fix' is for Galaxy Note 7 owners that don't want to take part in the recall, despite the potential hazards. The software update will begin rolling out in South Korea on the 20th of September according to AP, once installed, the Galaxy Note 7 will only be able to charge to 60 percent, which should hopefully prevent overheating.


Right now, there is no word on when the software update will roll out in other countries, but it should help reduce the risk not just to users, but to Samsung too, after all, some people are already filing lawsuits against the company over exploding Galaxy Note 7 devices.

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KitGuru Says: A battery limit isn't a perfect fix but if for some reason a few users decide to hold onto their defective Galaxy Note phones, then at least this should stop them from causing any harm.

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