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Samsung has recovered 96% of Galaxy Note 7s in US


Samsung has been making an effort to recall Galaxy Note 7 units for several months now but despite bans on planes and repeated press, there were those that continued to hang on to their potentially dangerous devices. This caused Samsung to begin forcing updates on remaining Note 7s, cutting off …

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Samsung may permanently disable remaining Galaxy Note 7s


While Samsung has managed to recall a significant chunk of Galaxy Note 7s, there are still those who don't want to take part and are still holding on to the device despite any potential issues that may arise. In order to avoid any more damage being caused by remaining Galaxy …

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U.S. officially bans Samsung Note 7s from all flights


Just a few days after Samsung and the U.S.' Federal Aviation Administration warned people to turn off their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones before catching a plane, the transport department has stepped in and banned the handset from all flights. Taking one on to a U.S. aircraft will now be considered …

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Samsung wants you to triple box your returning Note 7

Samsung's saga of dealing with smartphones that self-combust might be winding down now that it has officially killed off the flagship smartphone, but it's not quite over yet. It still needs to recall all of the Note 7's out in the wild and to make sure they don't damage anything …

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Samsung has officially killed off the Note 7


Samsung has officially called it quits on the Galaxy Note 7 today, ending production entirely and telling carriers to stop selling the model for good. Things started going bad back in early September, with some Note 7 units shipping with defective batteries that were prone setting on fire. While a …

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Samsung halts sales of Note 7 as explosions continue


Samsung has announced a halt to sales of its recently released flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, following continued claims of fires and explosions. Although Samsung has recalled a million+ devices, a number of them which were designated ‘safe,' have still had problems with combustion, forcing the potential recall now …

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Samsung Note 7’s are still catching on fire


If you have received your replacement Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung, we'd still urge caution with the device, as another example of a supposedly safe Note 7 has caught fire. This one happened to be on a Southwest airlines flight in the U.S., just before takeoff, leading to the entire …

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Samsung has replaced 1 million unsafe Galaxy Note 7s


Update: Just last week Samsung confirmed that it has exchanged around half of the Galaxy Note 7 units that could be affected by battery failures. However, since then the company has continued to replace potentially dangerous units and now, over one million Note 7's have been exchanged, globally. While passing …

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Samsung frees up $900 million by selling minor share holdings


Samsung Electronics has generated close to $900 (£690) million by selling small share holdings it has in various companies. Purportedly the reasoning is to help generate investment funds for the core business, which will help consolidate Samsung's efforts into its major earning divisions. Companies that Samsung sold shares for includes …

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Samsung to force 60% battery cap for exploding Note 7s


Samsung is currently in the pr0cess of recalling the Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries but in the meantime, there will be some defective units still floating around. In order to try and prevent anymore major accidents from happening, Samsung is pushing out a software update to affected units …

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US Safety Commission warns users to stop using the Note 7

Last week, Samsung announced that it would be issuing a recall for the Galaxy Note 7 after several devices were found to have major battery defects. However, the recall wasn't set up through the proper channels in the US, meaning consumers could still easily purchase the device if they really …

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Galaxy Note 7 recall may cost Samsung close to $1billion

Samsung has been making the headlines over the past week as Galaxy Note 7's began suffering from critical battery failures, which led to some devices exploding. Since then, Samsung has gone ahead and issued a recall of these devices but the process is going to be far from cheap, as …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and GearVR images leak


We have known for a while that Samsung is planning to officially announce the Galaxy Note 7 and a new GearVR headset next week. However, now it looks like the company may have nothing truly ‘new’ to show as a fresh batch of PR leaks hit the web today, giving …

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The Galaxy Note 7 set to launch on 2nd of August


If you have been waiting to upgrade your smartphone this year then you may want to keep your eye on Samsung at the beginning of August as the company is hosting a new launch event, most likely for the heavily leaked Galaxy Note 7. An invitation was sent out to …

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Leaked image shows off Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in full

We have been hearing more and more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recently, from the name, to the release date, to the internal specifications and now, we also know exactly what the phablet will look like thanks to an image posted online recently. Last month, EVLeaks/Evan Blass tweeted out …

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More info on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 appears online

We have been hearing quite a bit about Samsung's 2016 Galaxy Note device recently and this week, more information popped up online. This time around, we got confirmation that Samsung will be skipping the Galaxy Note 6 and jumping straight to the Galaxy Note 7 in order to get the …

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