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Acer change their mind: Netbooks rock, what sandybridge tablets?

Yesterday we reported that Acer were focusing on new tablet designs, featuring Sandybridge technology. This would also mean that their production of netbooks would suffer. Or so we thought.

It appears that an Acer employee was speaking out of turn and that he has had his wings clipped. Acer have issued a press release saying that the company are commited to Netbook mobile computing in a wide range of screen sizes and form factors. They say that tablets will comfortably sell alongside netbooks and notebooks.

The Netbook: Plenty of life in them yet, according to Acer

This is complete contradiction to what many experienced analysts are saying right now. Tablets are eating into sales of netbooks and even Lenovo told Reuters during CES that tablets will fill the space of the current netbook market.

Acer also dismissed the Sandybridge tablet platform by saying “for the moment devices based on Sandy Bridge are not yet foreseen”.

Kitguru says: Netbook lovers rejoice, Acer aren’t abandoning the market.

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