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HIS HD6850 ICE Q X Review – the ultimate HD6850 ?

Rating: 9.0.

The HD6850 has been a strong seller for AMD since it was released last year, combining great gaming performance at a very competitive price point. Today we are looking at the new HIS HD 6850 which is supplied in a pre overclocked state and features a high performance ‘Ice Q X' cooling system.

While HIS don't always come to the forefront of discussions within enthusiast gaming circles, for the last year they have been working hard to release competitive cards with customised cooling solutions. We have reviewed many of them at KitGuru and have often been impressed.


Core clock : 820MHz
Memory clock : 4.4GHz
Stream Processors : 960
Output config : DP+HDMI+DUAL DVI(1x DVI-I, 1x DVI-D)
External power : 1x 6pin
Cross fire connection : 1x

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  1. Wow thats dramatic looking. Not sure I can handle the blue !

  2. my sapphire 6870 reference can burn up to 85c in 1minute, and looks like still going up…omg

  3. great temps, my own card hits 88c under load. (6870)

  4. Wow that has to be the ugliest video card ive seen, ever. and it rocks. how ironic.

  5. I enjoyed reading the testing page. I agree, none of these speakers really get it ‘all right’ its a case of finding the best sound to your personal tastes and buying a value set.

  6. Just goes to show that most people who buy 580’s or 5970s to game on a 1080p monitor are just throwing their money away.

  7. a new IceQ? ooooooh i want it sooooo muuuch, dammit.
    glad to see that it’s still the coolest and most quite version of an ATI card. though, the difference is less noticeable than on older generations, it seems

  8. I think it looks great. very different and the market needs it. Id like a luminous red video card from AMD with a glowing red fan.