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Microsoft may cease using Lumia brand – report

Although Microsoft Corp. can use Nokia’s trademark and brand-name for ten years, it looks like the company plans to cease using the Nokia name rather shortly from now. Moreover, the company even plans to phase out the Lumia brand as well.

DigiTimes reports that Microsoft wants to completely get rid of everything that reminds about Nokia. Officially the company has already confirmed plans to phase out feature phones, Asha handsets and Nokia X-series products. However, in addition to that the firm will also cease to use Nokia and Lumia names eventually.

It is believed that hardware talent, technologies and patents Microsoft acquired from Nokia will no longer play a key role in the company’s future development. The software giant is now expected to completely rebuild its mobile business and focus on its own technologies and services rather than to continue Nokia’s handset business.


While it makes sense to concentrate on Microsoft’s own unique assets, it should be noted that in a bid to be successful Microsoft will need to be recognized for its smartphones. Nokia and Lumia brands are rather well known and dropping both of them may not be a wise move.

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KitGuru Says: It is unknown what the point of Nokia acquisition was if Microsoft wants to essentially get rid of everything related to Nokia and build its mobile hardware division basically from scratch…

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  • That would be a stupid mistake for them to make after spending all that money to acquire them. Besides, Nokia is the only company known for the Windows Phone OS so far. Unless Microsoft is looking to completely gut WP going forward, it will not make much sense.