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Samsung: 20 million Galaxy S III sales in 100 days

Samsung have issued a statement to say that their Galaxy S III smartphone has sold more than 20 million units in just over three months.

Samsung launched the popular smartphone in Europe in late May, powered by Google’s Android operating system. They managed to get the phone to the consumer three months before the new Apple and Microsoft products.

Samsung claim that the impressive sales are helping them to ‘retain dominance in the smartphone market.’ Research firm Strategy Analytics published information to show that Samsung overtook Apple in worldwide smartphone shipments.

Samsung may have a new legal situation on their hands as Apple have added the Galaxy III to their ‘copycat’ list in a complaint filed with a U.S. court. We have no idea how this will proceed, but clearly Apple are now targeting one of Samsung’s key products.

Kitguru says: Fantastic sales for Samsung, but Apple are after this product now too.

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