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Samsung hints at its foldable Galaxy X smartphone with new product page

Rumours surrounding Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X smartphone have fluctuated, from the expected reveal in the third quarter this year to the reported maturity of the device expected closer to 2019. While we have yet to receive an official reveal, it seems that the company has inadvertently leaked a support page for the handset.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy X, also known as ‘Project Valley’, is perhaps the company’s worst kept secret, for those not in the know, it is the moniker for the firm’s upcoming bendable smartphone, featuring a flexible OLED display. Details are currently under wraps, however it is speculated to either act similar to that of a wallet, opening up into a larger device, or possibly even tucking the screen away.

Evidence of authenticity for the Samsung Galaxy X came about via a recent filing from the Korean National Radio Research Agency (NRRA), as reported by LetsGoDigital, which contained the product code ‘SM-G888’. This number is currently not linked to any known device that Samsung has in production, leading to it being connected with the main handset that is reported to be in development.

The support page contains a slight difference to the number, showing ‘SM-G888N0’. This addition suggests a limited release, which correlates with rumours that the Samsung Galaxy X would take a while to fully release, even after its launch.

It’s possibly that this new product code is an entirely different device altogether, however the company is not known for releasing a new line on a regular basis. Whatever it might be, it is sure to receive an official unveiling soon as the product page is still live at the time of writing.

KitGuru Says:  While the tech looks like it could have great uses down the line, it just looks incredibly inconvenient to me. Never having handled any of Samsung’s displayed foldable tech, who am I to judge? What do you think of Samsung’s reported bendable smartphone?

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