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Samsung is prepping its phablet comeback according to Galaxy Note 8 leak

While many fans expected the disastrous launch of the Galaxy Note 7 to be the end of Samsung’s Note line of handsets, it was confirmed last year that this would not be the case. Now, the Galaxy Note 8 appears to be edging closer to release as leaked images have begun popping up, detailing what Samsung's return to the phablet market should look like.

This week, the Twitter account ‘Poyoco Tech‘ began posting what it claims to be the latest renders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. As you can see from the images below, the Note 8 appears to be taking design cues from the Galaxy S8, with its new ‘infinity display'.

If these images are legitimate, it shows that Samsung will have listened to feedback regarding the rear fingerprint scanner. As it is unlikely that Samsung will disregard this key feature, it stands to reason that perhaps the company has figured out how to integrate the fingerprint sensor in the display itself. This is a feature previously planned for the Galaxy S8 before manufacturing difficulties came into play.

The extra space on the back of the phone is now taken up by a dual-camera setup, which would be a first for Samsung. Other tidbits revealed through the alleged leak include Android 7.1.1 support out of the box, a textured Bixby button and a redesigned S-Pen.

KitGuru Says: Samsung still maintains booming success in the Android market but it may take some time for the Galaxy Note brand to get back to what it once was. Have you ever owned a Note product? Would you be willing to pick up a Note 8 when it hits the shelves?

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