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AMD Threadripper and Vega: Luke and Leo discuss

On the final day of Computex 2017 Luke Hill and Leo Waldock put their heads together to discuss the highlights and low points of the show. Today’s topics are AMD Threadripper CPU and Vega GPU. Spoiler alert: the boys cannot wait to get to grips with this new hardware.

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AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 have proven to be superb CPUs and we have high hopes for Threadripper. Getting our hands on X399 motherboards and learning (slightly) more about Threadripper has raised our hopes and expectations. Intel Core i9 looks interesting but Threadripper could mark a new direction for AMD that is as radical as the original Opteron.

Balanced against that, we are still waiting for any useful information about desktop RX Vega graphics for gamers. Yes, AMD has announced the professional Vega Frontier Edition but RX Vega won’t launch until Siggraph in July and who knows how long we will have to wait until we can see the hardware in action. The anticipation and frustration are increasing daily.

KitGuru says: Threadripper and Vega have got us wound up tighter than a coiled spring. We want the 16-core monster as soon as possible and hope against hope that Vega can take the fight to GTX 1080. Oh yes, Ryzen Mobile also looks promising.

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