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Microsoft cancels Surface Mini media tablet

Microsoft Corp. has reportedly called off its plans to introduce Surface Mini media tablet. The company decided not to enter the market of smaller slates because it is already very crowded. Nonetheless, the software giant may reconsider its plans regarding smaller tablets if market conditions change.

Microsoft was expected to introduce the Surface Mini tablet back in May, but for some reason did not do it. The tablet was reportedly based on the Windows RT operating system and an ARM-powered system-on-chip, DigiTimes reports. Previously it was rumoured that Microsoft planned to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 or 600 system-on-chip for its Surface Mini.

Vostrostone (VSTN), a well-known brand that makes cases for media tablets and smartphones, started to take pre-orders on its protective cases for Microsoft Surface Mini tablets at Amazon back in May. The online store still sells the cases and calls the slate as the “Surface X”. Theoretically, this may mean that the smaller tablet from Microsoft is still in the roadmap.


Compared to other slates with 7.5” – 8” displays, the Surface Mini’s specifications have nothing in particular to boost its competitiveness and therefore Microsoft has decided to delay the tablet’s introduction and may not even release it to at all, according to DigiTimes. Keeping in mind that Amazon and Apple plan to introduce new Kindle Fire and iPad mini tablets in the coming months, the idea to cancel the Surface Mini may be a good one.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: If the Surface Mini did not have a lot of advantages compared to rivals, it was logical for Microsoft to cancel it. Most probably the company is reworking the slate now and will release it along with the next-generation of tablets from Apple, Amazon, Samsung and other.

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  • fteo_viking

    This excuse has got to be the most lame one I have ever heard!. They could have made a tablet that can differentiate itself from the rest of the crowd and made a difference. Their cowardice is just amazing for such a large company that has lost its edge long ago and trying many ways to get back to the market.
    RT clearly was a castrated product. Make it the same as Pro in functionality and open it up to students and hobbyists to tinder. That could get a two digit market base if the price is in parity with market offerings. Heck, allow it to dual-boot Win8.1 and Android 4.4!, Hows that ?. Nokia did offer an Android phone so, at least MS is not Android phobic like Apple is. There is space for a smaller tablet with Windows (with Open architecture) as IOS is closed and Andriod is half-open. The opportunity is really good, just that MSsofties cannot seem to see it!.