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Amazon Kindle, one of the success stories of 2010

Regular readers of Kitguru will know that we have been singing the praises of the Amazon Kindle for months now. It appears that the public are taking to it also, with sales around 8 million. This is higher than analysts predictions.

Strangely enough Amazon are very coy when it comes to releasing statistical sales information on the Kindle, whereas Apple seem to release almost weekly eblast announcing another 1 million units sold. Latest reports however claim that the Kindle will sell at least 8 million units this year. This is 60 percent more than analysts predicted months ago.

Many analysts said that the Kindle would sell 5 million units in 2010, over double the number they sold in 2009. The fact it will be 8 million or more not only shows how popular the Kindle reader is, but the astounding growth in the ebook market as a whole. The iPad was meant to kill all opposition, but clearly the Kindle is existing in perfect harmony alongside Apple’s powerhouse.

Amazon shareholders are reaping the benefits, with shares gaining 37 percent in the last year.

KitGuru says: The public acclaim might go to the iPad, but behind the scenes Amazon have had an equally good year, they just keep it quiet.

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