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Microsoft releasing Windows OS for ARM processors

Microsoft are due to announce a version of the ever popular Windows Operating System that will run on ARM processors. KitGuru heard rumblings last week about this, but BloomBerg this morning have confirmed they heard the same thing.

This version of Windows will be tailored specifically for battery powered devices, such as handheld computers and tablets. Microsoft are struggling to make ground in the mobile market, with poor adoption rates so far for Windows Phone 7. This means they could target the mobile tablet market where Apple and Google are very strong.

A fully fledged version of Windows for the ARM processor range is the best way to ensure they dent the iPad lead and it seems bizarre Microsoft aren’t already the leader in this market, considering their strength in the desktop sector.

The problem facing Microsoft, is to release a version of Windows that offers something that neither Google or Apple are currently delivering, a tough task indeed. ARM have not made a comment to Bloomberg on this development, saying that don’t comment on rumour or speculation.

KitGuru says: A full Windows 7 operating system running on your new tablet. Like the idea?

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