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Amazon Kindle 3 Review (with leather light cover)

While some people reading this article will never have a desire to own a Kindle there is still a sizeable audience who love reading books – either at home, on a plane, or when sitting on a beach on vacation. The Kindle 3 is a product borne of many years research and fine tuning, and it shows, because the latest iteration is easily their best.

Being able to store upwards of 3,500 books on a single device (with 4GB storage) is certainly impressive because I always hated lugging books around with me when I was travelling. We appreciate that Amazon have been able to cut down on the size by 21 percent and they have also reduced the weight which helps aid portability. The enhanced contrast levels really help to improve legibility and long term use, especially under weaker lighting conditions.

Battery life is said to be around a month (if Wifi is disabled), and while we have not been able to thoroughly test this yet, after 10 hours with the external light turned on the battery indicator hadn’t moved from 100%. Obviously using the light will reduce battery lifespan but the quality of this add-on is certainly worth the asking price, even if it is substantial (£50). 3G is a nice option to have (£149), and Amazon don’t charge for connection to their servers as it is part of the additional asking price. Being able to buy a book while on the move may be appealing, but we think the standard Wi-Fi option for £109 is an incredible bargain. Buying a book across Wi-Fi is an easy route to take.

KitGuru says: Easily the best eReader on the market right now and worth every penny of the very reasonable asking price.

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Rating: 9.0.

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