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Order Medal of Honor and get Battlefield 3, FREE

As you know, KitGuru is powered by Multiplay – the world’s leading online gaming and LAN event organisation. They’re massive, with the ability to host more than 100,000 simultaneous gamers. Big Stuff!  But what many of you may not know is that Multiplay also owns Fileplay. KitGuru sticks in its thumb and pulls out a rather juicy plum.

FILEPLAY is a serious resource

Fileplay is a download centre. And much, much more. It’s the central repository and hub for a wide range of huge downloads. When the last Medal of Honor was released, Fileplay delivered over 150,000 copies of the game – to enthusiasts across the globe. That’s 50% more than its nearest rival. When you think that games, these days, are delivered on DVDs and can regularly measure in the ‘multiple gigabytes’ size range, you can seee just what an impressive achievement this is.

For most people with broadband, files in the low megabytes are downloaded almost instantly. When you go for something more popular – like AVG through Download.com – a 70MB file can take a fair while to complete.

Now imagine thousands of eager gamers, all armed with phat broadband, attacking the same huge files at the same time – and grabbing over 150,000 copies. Mental!

Right now, if you order Medal of Honor from Fileplay, then you will also get the opportunity to download the latest BETA of BATTLEFIELD 3 – absolutely free of charge – HAMMERING the Fileplay servers in the process.


Steal a march on your mates and get the very latest in DX11 cinematographic gaming action.

You can grab all of the cool stuff from Fileplay by clicking here.

Over the coming weeks, we will explore Fileplay in more depth, as this useful resource continues to grow to the point of total world domination!

KitGuru Says: You’re gonna buy Medal of Honor from somewhere, so why not use the best download centre in the business and get up and running on Battlefield 3 ahead of your mates/enemies at the same time. It’s a no brainer.

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