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XFX Pro Series 650W Power Supply Review

Rating: 8.5.

Today we are looking at a new power supply from XFX, the Pro Series 650W – the smallest in a series of three units recently released (750W and 850W are also available and will be reviewed shortly). This is not the first time XFX have released a series of power supplies – their XXX (semi modular) and Black Edition (fully modular) ranges were well received, both critically and by the enthusiast audience.

While 80 Plus Gold certified products are the holy grail for the high end enthusiast audience, they are priced too high for the mainstream audience. The new XFX Pro series is launched as a value for money product with 80 Plus Bronze certification, ensuring good efficiency levels with competitive pricing. XFX are also keen to highlight that some manufacturers are misleading the public with dubious, inflated wattage ratings.

EasyRail Technology is a key focal point for XFX with a slogan of ‘one rail, one setup’. We know that Seasonic are the manufacturer behind this design so we have high hopes for a quality power supply today. XFX are giving a full five year warranty with each power supply. European customers simply have to register their product on www.xfxforce.co.uk to upgrade the standard 3 year warranty to the full 5 year plan.

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  • Frank

    Cant really go wrong with a seasonic product. quality all the time.

  • Tim

    Great price there. best looking PSU in this price range, without a doubt

  • Tech Head

    Quite a lot of gunk internally there, isnt there? overall seems like a good bronze rated product. solid design, good ripple results.

  • Tom

    under 70 quid for a good quality PSU, very good.

    Gold certified is great, but for the mass market, its too much. a good basic plus is good enough for most people. bronze is better but still priced well. cant be bad to it.

  • Eric K

    price is the selling point. specs are decent. performance is solid. only issue I see is complete market saturation in this price point. everyone has at least 2 models in this price range. tough to get sales.

  • harry

    Thisis right up my alley, especially the price for such a quality unit. ordered one 🙂

  • Jonathon

    More than enough for most people. I find it hard to believe that people would pay 250 quid for a pSU today.

  • Jerry

    Seasonic do it again 😉

  • Joe

    The packaging is typical XFX, stands out a mile. people might laugh, but in a shop its the first thing you look at.

  • Tech Head

    Its a good point Joe, but I wonder the percentage of sales in 2010 from stores. Online is surely where the heart of sales come from.