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XFX Pro Series 650W Power Supply Review

The fan is not attached to the outer sleeve, it has its own mounting tray as can be seen above.

The Power supply is cooled by a 135x135x135 mm fan (Adda ADN512UB-A90). The impeller is a nice design, nine wide blades with small gaps between.

The XFX power supply is manufactured by Seasonic and it is a very clean internal design. This is a DC to DC Converter Design to provide enhanced Dynamic response while ensuring system stability and maximum 12VDC rail output.

There are several rows of heatsinks, seperating the components and ensuring adequate airflow from the large fan directly above. The XFX PSU is supplied with automatic output protection to ensure no damage occurs. This includes Total Power Protection (OPP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Current Protection (OCP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP) and Over Temperature Protection (OTP).

XFX are using high quality Japanese brand capacitors rated to withstand up to 105c. These are conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors to help improve operational stability under continued load conditions.

The cables are sleeved well into the chassis, which helps to ensure no long term damage by fraying. The cabling is well routed and organised with ties.

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  • Frank

    Cant really go wrong with a seasonic product. quality all the time.

  • Tim

    Great price there. best looking PSU in this price range, without a doubt

  • Tech Head

    Quite a lot of gunk internally there, isnt there? overall seems like a good bronze rated product. solid design, good ripple results.

  • Tom

    under 70 quid for a good quality PSU, very good.

    Gold certified is great, but for the mass market, its too much. a good basic plus is good enough for most people. bronze is better but still priced well. cant be bad to it.

  • Eric K

    price is the selling point. specs are decent. performance is solid. only issue I see is complete market saturation in this price point. everyone has at least 2 models in this price range. tough to get sales.

  • harry

    Thisis right up my alley, especially the price for such a quality unit. ordered one 🙂

  • Jonathon

    More than enough for most people. I find it hard to believe that people would pay 250 quid for a pSU today.

  • Jerry

    Seasonic do it again 😉

  • Joe

    The packaging is typical XFX, stands out a mile. people might laugh, but in a shop its the first thing you look at.

  • Tech Head

    Its a good point Joe, but I wonder the percentage of sales in 2010 from stores. Online is surely where the heart of sales come from.