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Amazon Kindle 3 Review (with leather light cover)

Rating: 9.0.

Since the Apple iPad was released, the tablet sector has been a thriving hotbed of news and discussion. Market leaders such as Research In Motion, Samsung, Sharp are developing new tablets to target this lucrative market. On the ‘monochrome’ side however, the battle has been just as intense and recently one of the most awaited devices has been released in the UK – The new Amazon ebook reader, entitled The Kindle 3. The levels of demand have been that high that many people are having to wait several weeks before one can be shipped.

I have admitted to owning an iPad, I have also said I use it on a daily basis – I am probably one of the few ‘PC centric press’ who really rate it highly as a fantastic all round device. There is one form of media it doesn’t excel with however, and that is E-Books. This is not an Apple specific problem … backlit screens can cause significant eyestrain, especially when reading fine text over a period of several hours. The fact I am not getting any younger probably only compounds the matter. E-Ink technology is easily the best way to read text on a portable device.

The Kindle 3 eReader has received much publicity in recent months and a recent ad campaign targeted the iPad with a particular focus on problems associated with the ‘glossy screen’.

Amazon are also aiming to target the largest possible audience with a very modest price tag of £109 with Wi-Fi or £149 with Wifi and 3G – even the delivery is free. This is going to be an affordable product for even those on a tighter budget.

Size: 190 mm x 123 mm x 8.5 mm
Weight: 241 grams
Colours: Graphite


  • Technology: E-ink Electronic paper display
  • Resolution 600 x 800 pixel at 167 ppi
  • Size: 6.0-inches (diagonal)
  • Colours 16 shades of Grey
  • Reads just like ordinary paper
  • Manual Screen Rotation: Portrait or Landscape view
  • Adjustable text size 8 sizes
  • Adjustable font style 3 styles
  • Zoom images to full display size

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