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MSI launch GC30 and GC20 multi-platform controllers

MSI has been pushing into the peripheral market, confidently releasing keyboards, mice, headsets and mouse pads under its banner. Now, the company is expanding its range of gear to include controllers, launching the Force GC30 and GC20 with multiplatform support.

While both controllers echo the Xbox One controller design in its thumbstick placements and use of ABXY action buttons, the main draw is their ability to be used across multiple different platforms. While specifics are loose until the product pages go live, MSI has said that these controllers will work on Windows, Android and “popular gaming consoles.”

The GC30 boasts wireless and wired functionality over the slightly more limited wired GC20 controller, with both offering replacement magnetic metal covers for the directional pad. This can be interchanged depending on the type of game you are playing, with some more suited to FPS and others RPG.

Each houses dual vibration motors for responsive feedback, a standard since the days of the PlayStation 2, as well as tactile rubber side grips on the handles and distinct edges on the triggers and bumpers to enable the best experience possible.

Pricing and availability are as of yet unknown, but is expected to sit around the standard controller pricing of £40, with the wireless controller undoubtedly a bit more expensive than its wired counterpart. More information can be found when the product pages for the GC30 and GC20 go live on MSI’s website.

KitGuru Says: With so many exclusive games floating around, many people out there own multiple platforms so the concept of one-controller-fits-all is rather appealing. If it is the case that these work on PC, Android and the likes of PS4, Xbox One and/or the Nintendo Switch, I feel like these might be in the running as must-have controllers. Are you tempted by the MSI GC30 or GC20?

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