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Full HD 3D TVs drop under £300 for a 42″ model

Like many of you, KitGuru gets half a ton of email each morning – not all of which is useful. Lots of those emails will contain offers, but it’s rare for them to actually grab our attention. This morning’s batch of junk seems to contain at least one nugget. KitGuru moves a mail out of the junk pile and shares.

In the 21st century modern world, most people have more than one TV around the place. Whether it’s for the kids room, kitchen or loft – there’s a nice, shiny new TV in the living room and ‘something less savoury’ occupying another space in the house.

Perhaps your second TV is a CRT. Maybe it has an integrated DVD or video player than hasn’t seen action in a very long time. in almost every case, it will be the ‘poor, sad cousin of a TV’ that’s nowhere near the size or quality of your main screen’s picture.

Well, it seems that the buying team at eBuyer is looking to put that concept to rest with its latest offer.

We’re not going to pretend that we know the brand, but you don’t have to trust the brand as much as the reseller providing the warranty support. In our experience, eBuyer tends to sell low, ship quick and hardly quibble with returns. Can’t say fairer than that.

So what’s the deal?

Well, you send 299 of your great British pounds (around $449 or €349) and they will send you a 42″ LCD TV with the following specification:-

  • Full 1080p resolution
  • Integrated Freeview
  • 320cd/m2 brightness
  • 2x HDMI, 2x Scart and 1x USB
  • PC, Composite, Headphone and AV
  • 2x 8watt speakers

And, of course, it’s 3D capable – including glasses – for just £299.

It weighs in at 18Kg and will sit on a standard VESA bracket. It also looks a lot like this:-

Could be your new main TV - could be a cool '2nd box' option. Either way, it's cheap at £299.

KitGuru says: If you’ve seen a better deal – let us know and we might broadcast it to a willing nation.

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