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Top quality CM Storm 5.1 headsets now half price

Half priced gamer headsets from CM Storm For extended battles, you really want a decent set of comfortable headphones. CM Storm is the high end gaming brand from Cooler Master and, right now, they’ve lopped off a whopping 50% from the price of one of their biggest selling headsets. KitGuru reports back on the team speak.

Using a standard set of headphones doesn’t really cut it in the world of intense, modern gaming. If you’re gonna be wearing a headset for hours, then it needs to be really comfortable. Likewise, if you need to communicate, it needs a good integrated microphone and last, but not least, the better the audio separation, the more likely you are to be able to locate and eliminate your enemies nice and quick.

When KitGuru Labs evaluated the CM Storm Sirius 5.1 headset last year, at £114, we concluded that it offered class-leading sound and great build quality.

One of the few negative comments was ‘Not cheap’. Well a new deal from the Cooler Master mothership seems to have sorted that. here’s the deal we spotted and, just underneath, is the same product search result from Google last night – which still shows the headset at £93.

Top quality headset for less than half the money we reviewed it at. Impressive.

KitGuru says: It really has been a summer of bargains. That’s one of the side-effects of so many technology companies trying to kick-start business ahead of the expected boom in 2013. At this price, stock will probably be quite limited, so if you’re after one of KitGuru’s MUST HAVE audio products – for less than half the price we reviewed them at – here’s your choice.

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