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ROCCAT Kova[+] Optical Gaming Mouse Review

ROCCAT certainly haven’t moved far from the original Kova shape with the [+] version, in fact the mice are almost identical.  They both feature the same Lamborghini-inspired harsh lines, the same multi-colour LED-lighting and the same form factor.  But there are still a few noticeable differences between the two mice…

One of our least favourite aspects of the original Kova product was the matte black plastic used to cover the top of the mouse which didn’t provide much grip and didn’t feel great in the hand.  With the Kova[+], though, ROCCAT have followed the trend set by almost every other gaming mouse manufacturer, covering the top of the mouse with rubberised soft-touch paint.  This provides a lot more grip than the plastic finish on the old mouse and feels much better in the hand.

Like the original mouse, the Kova[+] takes on an ambidextrous form factor, meaning it is equally comfortable to use with either hand.  There are thumb alcoves on either side which are filled with rubber inserts to improve your grip on the mouse.  Above these inserts on either side there are what appear to be browser forward and back buttons although they are actually more than this.

The Kova[+] features EasyShift which is a system developed by ROCCAT to essentially double the number of mouse buttons you have available.  To access the second functions of each button, you are simply required to press the button in conjunction to the EasyShift button on the mouse.  The EasyShift function can be assigned to any of the mouse buttons depending on your preferences.

Despite the angular design cues present throughout the Kova[+], the left and right mouse buttons are only curved slightly, meeting at the ridge that runs along the centre of the mouse.  These buttons have a refined feeling even though the click noise is a little more intrusive than we’ve found with most mice.

Between the left and right mouse buttons there is a rather unusual looking mouse wheel which is about double the width of that found of the Kone[+].  Each side of this wheel is angled for optimum comfort with each hand.  Although the wheel action is without fault, the clicking function of the wheel requires a little too much pressure for our liking.

Like the ROCCAT Kone[+], the Kova[+] features LED lighting with four separate lighting areas on the mouse.  These take the form of two details on the mouse buttons and two embedded into the back of the mouse to light the area behind the mouse.  The lighting can be fully configured using the included software.

The underbelly of the Kova[+] is constructed from the same matte black plastic that formed the entirety of the original Kova.  There are four Teflon feet in the corners of the underside to improve glide and the 3200dpi optical sensor is located in the middle.  Unfortunately the Kova[+] doesn’t feature an inbuilt weights system like the Kone[+] and is actually lighter to start with.  So the Kova[+] is perfect for gamers who prefer a light mouse.

We can’t fault the built quality of the mouse itself on any account thanks to the soft touch finish and durable construction.  But to earn full marks in this area, ROCCAT would have to use a durable braided cable and a gold plated USB connector.

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