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ROCCAT Kova[+] Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Although the Lamborghini-inspired form factor of the mouse doesn’t appear to be very ergonomic, the Kova[+] is actually very comfortable, rivaling most of the best gaming mice out there.  The thumb alcoves on either side of the mouse allow you to grip the mouse very securely, improving precision in game.

The light weight of the Kova[+] also improves in game agility and, combined with the Teflon feet on the underside of the mouse, allows effortless glide.  We tested the Kova[+] in conjunction with the ROCCAT Sota gaming surface which is perfectly suited to this mouse, allowing it to glide smoothly and track accurately.

We tested the Kova[+] using a variety of gaming titles covering various different genres of game.  We didn’t notice any sensor lag or lapses in tracking, re-enforcing our confidence in the gaming ability of the Kova[+].  The 3200dpi resolution of the optical sensor should be more than enough for the vast majority of users and we cant really expect a 6000dpi laser sensor in a mouse at this price point.

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