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Eminent HD Media Player EM7195 Review

Rating: 8.0.

KitGuru review a lot of networking products. We know that many enthusiasts are purchasing NAS systems and media players to enhance their home networking capabilities. Last week we reviewed the latest AC Ryan Playon! HD 2 Media Player and today we take a look at the latest offering from Eminent, the HD Media Player EM7195.

Eminent are a member of the TKH Group, a company who provide state of the art telecommunication and electrotechnical engineering and Industrial Solutions. The goals of Eminent when creating a media player are straightforward, to keep the experience simple and as easy to use as possible.

The HD Media Player EM7195 features USB 3.0 connectivity and the next generation RealTek chipset with a DVB-T Twin Tuner. It is due for release in the UK next month.

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  • Nick

    I like the brushed aluminum. I think AC ryan opting for the piano black, looks great, but it would be a nightmare to keep clean.

    Otherwise, in my opinion there are far too many of these realtek players on the market. but what do I know 🙂

  • Tom

    Thats a pretty ugly looking interface, but it does seem to move pretty quick looking at the videos. perhaps AC ryan went overboard with the graphics?

  • colm

    Its a nicer design physically than the AC ryan model, but I agree, they havent done anything with the interface to improve it. Seems basically like they just bought a bunch of boards and put them into the chassis. nothing much else.